the "Taylor & Kanye Dress" on Kiersten surrounded by acrylic body parts  ©Laura Beckerdite photograohy 2017



There are many stereotypes about millennials.  Supposedly we are all social media controlled cellphone addicts, who just want safe spaces to snapchat, obsess over the Kardashian's every waking move, and be personally offended by everything.  I, in no way am saying I agree with this, but many people do.

At the same time, presently in our society, the topic of identity is at the forefront of so many conversations.  If we all want our personal identities to stand true but also “need” gucci slides because our favorite pop culture idol wears them all the time, then where does that put us? This is the question I am trying to pose with this collection.

I turned photos of Justin Biebs, Kim K, Kanye, Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid into entirely new identities.  My garments are covered in faces of the people that supposedly dictate many aspects of our lives, but to the unknowing viewer, they are just Picasso-esque faces.


My intention was not to answer a question, but ask one.