Artist Statement

      I’ve always been an extrovert, my closest friends describe me as: confident, tough,  intellectual and a little quirky, I like to think of my work as a direct reflection of these qualities described. I would describe my style as clean, fun, and detailed with classic and current influences and a strong personality.

       As soon as I was born my mother started dragging me to art museums, galleries, historical landmarks and presidents houses; If it had a plaque to read, you can rest assured that my mother made us visit, I hated it. Growing up I disliked that we could never go on a “normal family vacation”, which I imagined would entail us sitting at the beach for days on end, swimming with dolphins and me getting those cute half head cornrow braids with beads. This year I celebrated my 22nd year around the sun by traveling to New York City to attend the same museums I have been to so many times, and boy would 12 year old me be surprised. I love art, looking at it, reading about it, studying it, and creating it, I would not trade those trips with my mom for the world. Artists such as Picasso, Cassatt and Matisse are the source for some of my biggest inspirations.

       Another element I draw inspiration from is traveling and going on adventures. I always find myself looking back to trips to Maine every summer, driving through Joshua Tree, hugging redwoods the size of a car, hiking a volcano, sailing in giant waves or way too many ski trips to count. In Vermont we were raised knowing the importance of protecting our environment, recycling, and sourcing everything locally, It was not even as if we were taught this, it simply never occurred to us to do things any other way. From that, green and eco-friendly practices are now apart of my work, and inspiration.

        During my education at SCAD I have fallen more in love with the digital elements of fashion design. I am most comfortable while working on the computer, whether that is creating technical flats, specification packs, digital illustrations or pattern drafting. Digital pattern making using Gerber Technology’s Accumark pattern design software has become my favorite elements of my construction process. My other, not strictly digital, areas of interest include: knitwear, fashion history, fashion illustration, print design and textile creation. I was awarded academic and artistic merit scholarships upon entry to SCAD. I have had two different hand drawn pieces on display at both of SCAD’s foundation studies building as well as digital illustrations on display at the SCAD fashion building.

       My work has been called unique, either having a different take on a classic idea or creating a totally new position all together. I create my designs to not only have a feeling/mood to them that is immediately clear to the viewer but also have a underlying theme or idea that might only come out in my process or inspiration. I am known for making things more challenging than they need to be, although at first this may seem like a possible fault, it gives my work a very personal, detailed and meticulous feel. This makes the long hours and huge amounts of love I put into my work become clear. I combine my interests of politics, history, culture and social issues with my art to enhance the pieces I create.

       I was chosen to have my senior collection be a part of the 2017 SCAD fashion show weekend.  SCAD FASH WKND 2017 began with the SCAD fashion show which took place at the SCAD Museum of Art and was choreographed by Miss J Alexander himself. SCAD FASH WKND then moved up to Atlanta where a interactive live static exhibition took place at SCAD’s Atlanta campus. SCAD FASH WKND 2017 has since been featured in a number of recognized fashion publications such as NYLON, Fashionista, and HINT Fashion Magazine. Alex Catarinella of NYLON wrote “A Love Letter to SCAD’s Finals Fashion Show” where she choose all three of my looks as some of NYLON's favorites and then closed off by saying “The future of fashion belongs to you. Remember us when you’re famous." Being chosen for the SCAD fashion show and the feedback and admiration I have received since, has been a truly humbling and inspiring experience. I am very lucky to have this collection I dreamed up be recognized in such a special way, it has just pushed me to work even harder and create more.

      A full look from my senior collection was part of the SCAD Fashion 2017 graduate exhibition in which it selected to be displayed in the main entry vignette. This look was also picked to remain on display in the school of fashion.

      I am participating in Vancouver Fashion Week this fall where I will be showing a larger version of my thesis collection ”Alternative Faces” as one of their SS2018 designers. Vancouver Fashion Week is a quickly growing fashion week that prides itself on featuring emerging and established designers from over 25 of the worlds global fashion capitals, it is the second largest fashion week in North America.

      I always tell it how I see it, never shying away from speaking my mind or sharing my opinion. I can never be bored, my energy is fed off of always staying busy while surrounded by creative, thinking people like me.