Alice Vaughan Davis has just finished her BFA in fashion design from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), in Savannah GA. Born and raised in Burlington, Vermont Alice will always be a true New Englander at heart. Growing up Alice almost always could have been found drawing, painting, designing and participating in musical theater productions. Art and design is in Alice’s Blood. One of her grandmothers, Charlotte, attended The Philadelphia Institute of Art in the mid 1940's, she encouraged Alice to keep creating and never got mad when she broke her pastel crayons. Alice’s grandmother on her mom’s side, Yvonne worked as a seamstress in a woolen mill in Johnson, Vermont.

     Alice’s interest in fashion started to take off in middle school. After touring a couple fashion schools as part of her 8th grade capstone project, Alice decided then and there that fashion design was what she wanted to do. In 2010 Alice was accepted into “Design and Illustration”, a two year, part time, arts technical program for high school juniors and seniors. This program provided her with an incredibly strong foundation in design, fine arts, photography, and professional industry standard technology.

     When it came time to start college in the fall of 2014 Alice found herself saying goodbye to snowy Vermont and hello to picturesque Savannah, Georgia. Although at first the idea studying fashion in Georgia seemed like the last thing Alice would ever want to do, by the end of her first year she knew SCAD was where she was meant to be. For Alice’s entire school career she has struggled with learning disabilities. Rather than letting these challenges drag her down, Alice has learned to become extremely resourceful, which has paved the way for her obsessively detailed and precise design work. Alice sees her ability to problem solve as one of the most important lessons she takes away from her time at SCAD.

      Just prior to graduation Alice finished her BFA thesis collection titled “Alternative Faces - identity, celebrity, stereotypes, and Art”.  Alice’s collection was selected to be shown during SCAD FASH WKND 2017 where three of her looks were part of SCAD’s annual runway show in Savannah along with a new interactive static exhibition at SCAD in Atlanta.

      After graduation Alice working on expanding her collection “Alternative Faces” over the summer while living and working in her home town of Burlington.  Alice will be showing her first collection during Vancouver Fashion Week in September.